Re: Friday puzzlers 9-5-14/ knuckle busting
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Re: Friday puzzlers 9-5-14/ knuckle busting

Back in the day, while i was in the army, i put a 4-speed from a 69 GTX into my 4 door 65 Fury one.

It had a shifter that was labeled Hurst. The shifter was also made to come out the center of the console.

It took a few sessions in a vise, bending it to make it work in a bench seat car.

It ended up far enough from the dash on the 2-3 shift, but as often as not it would not cleanly move the second
gear lever back to neutral and pick up the third gear would leave the transmission in second and the
shifter jammed up.

My older sister can still laugh herself to tears describing the time this happened, when a gave a ride to her and her to
be husband. It really cracks her up telling the part when i had to get down in the snow and the mud to reach under the
car to unjam the linkage.

I had a Hurst Competition Plus shifter in the car by next weekend. The original "Hurst" shifter did not have the gear stop
bolts and was a real POS compared to the Plus shifter.

One could really pound the gears and the original plastic t-handles could not stand the strain and i suspect i am not the only
one that broke one of them.

That Plymouth was my first muscular car and was a retired Arizona Highway Patrol car. Just another Mopar i should not have gotten
rid of...


On 9/8/14 12:00 PM, Bob wrote:
"Pushin' the wrong button" for some reason reminded me of an old joke.  Must have been about '65, when our good friends in Washington had the makers go to the same shift pattern.
Seems there was this fella who was kinda mixin' it up out on the highway with someone who seemed pretty serious so he "just shoved it on up into R for race!" :-D

On 9/7/2014 9:42 PM, Gary H. wrote:
Yes the same "Knuckle buster" description for the '65s. I put that ad in the "puzzlers" collection because I had not heard that phrase in a long time. 

Push button trans are more civilized, unless you punch the wrong button. LOL 

Gary H.

 -------Original Message-------
 Not sure about the 65's, but the long Hurst shifter in the old Road
 Runners used to get sloppy enough that you would hit your knuckles on the
 dash during a vigorous 3rd gear shift ! 
 '63 Sport Fury ragtop
 On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 5:47 PM, Bob 
 Belevedere 1 Plymouth 440 V8...   "Real Knuckle buster"  huh??  Never
 heard that one.  Is (was) that a selling point??  Needs a different


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