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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 11 updates in 5 topics

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Poly Pistons
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 08:43AM -0400

Just my $0.02 here... If everyone stops trying to adapt John Deere tractor
pistons, or Caterpillar diesel pistons, or Ford flathead pistons, or lawn
mower pistons, or whatever else to save a few ...more
"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 08:01AM -0500

Well put… however we need to have an alternative (at least for the time being) to a set of $900 Diamond deluxe don’t ya know… Bruce has had discussions with RaceTech but no one has yet pulled ...more
Cory Rempel <cory_383@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 05:57PM -0600

Bill, you are 100% correct sir. I don't usually chime in on these threads, but if you do it right the first time that is definitely a money saver.

From: y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx ...more
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Welcome new member - 1965 Plymouth Satellite
"Gary H." <62to65mopar@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 12:39PM

Welcome to the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse to Earl.

Below is his introduction.  
Gary H.
I just bought a 1965 Plymouth Satellite. It was originally a 318, but ...more
D J <djohn14296@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 06:50PM

Welcome Earl, great place for owners of '62's through '65 Mopars, extremely knowledgeable people here to help with any of your problems. If the opportunity arises shoot us a picture. DJ
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11" x 3" brake backing plates?
Ray Bell <raybell46@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 07:04AM -0700

Bill's mention of the police car 11 x 3s reminds me that the specs on the
'64 B-body include 11 x 3 front and 11 x 2.5 rears as a 'Police and Taxi'
option. I would have thought that meant that ...more
Jimmy Peavy <peaver63@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 01:24PM -0500

"C" body backing plates won't bolt up to a "B" body.
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body panels for 65 Satellite
<earls67@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 12:11PM -0400

I just bought a 65 Satellite and while mechanically it's in good shape, it needs a little help on the outside. I can find patch panels for fenders and quarter panels at Shermans and elsewhere, but ...more
"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 11:32AM -0500

Joe Suchy
-----Original Message-----
From: 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of earls67@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 11:11 AM ...more
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Poly windtunnel manifold MPG
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 12:42PM

Normal valve tappet lash ticking. Probably all in my head – but before the rebuild the old tired sludged up engine was very quite. Maybe that’s why, lots of sludge dampening valve lash noise. ...more
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 10 08:47AM -0400

I've noticed that my new engine makes a little more valve tapping noise
than my old engine, and I do not have the new valve covers.
I'm sure it's due to the spec for my new cam requiring ...more
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