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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 8 updates in 2 topics

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Air Pressure for T/A Radials ??
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 16 09:39PM -0800

Thanks everyone,
It looks like 32# is a good number. I had thought I has set to pressure to
34# with the gauge on my air chuck but after checking with a quality gauge
I was actually around ...more
gto64gto@xxxxxxxx: Feb 17 09:16AM -0500

Dennis, 32# sounds OK to start but the only way to make sure you're running
the right pressure is to check your tires in several places with a thread
depth gauge ever 4000 to 5000 miles. ...more
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 17 06:56AM -0800

I guess you are telling me to get the car out and do some driving - GREAT
I will check the tires with a gauge and watch for wear.
Dennis C.
On Wednesday, February 17, 2016 ...more
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Feb 17 09:35AM -0600

Quality gauge = digital gauge? I was told that the traditional "popup" tire pressure gauge, the kind you often get in a car show "goodie bag," is notoriously inaccurate. ...more
gto64gto@xxxxxxxx: Feb 17 11:00AM -0500

Gary, I don't like digital. I have a gauge I bought 30-40 years ago. I don't
remember where or who made it. It is a good quality tool. It is solid and
not plastic. The measuring pin is a little ...more
george smith <bt6t4@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 17 04:08PM

I still have the all steel popup gauge I used in the 70's. Still accurate.
On Wed, 2/17/16, 62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx ...more
gto64gto@xxxxxxxx: Feb 17 11:22AM -0500

Gary, I'm sorry, you were talking about a tire pressure gauge. I'm talking
about a tread depth gauge. It's the only way you can check the tread ware on
your tires to see if you have too much or ...more
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Seat Belts
James Hunt <jshunt41@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 16 06:02PM -0800

Thanks Gary and Doug.
Gary, this will not be a Concours d'Elegance car, standard hardware will be
This is what they are selling as mounting hardware. Their claim is over
Grade 5.
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