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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 16 updates in 6 topics

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!962 Plymouth Sports Fury 2 Dr Ht Parts car For Sale
"Paul L. http://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-le" <pjlenn@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 05:06PM -0800

Here are pics of both radiators.
On Friday, February 26, 2016 at 1:37:47 PM UTC-6, Mark Evans wrote:
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 08:18PM -0500

Not clear if someone is already spoken for big block one, I could use it if
not. I don't much care what numbers are on it.
Thanks, Bill
Bill & Kathi Parker, South Central Indiana
"Paul L. http://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-le" <pjlenn@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 07:17AM -0800

Russell was the first one to express interest so I guess I'll give him
first shot at it. Please understand though that the big block unit is
still in my car and I don't have the aluminum one to ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 03:33PM

There is no time like the present – A hot tip to get a made in America aluminum radiator at a good price: Order thru Classic Industries during one of their sales – Can’t beat the 25% off this ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 03:48PM

Must be these radiators, depending on auto or manual tranny:
What I did was contacted US Radiator aka Cool Craft and verified the Classic ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 03:59PM

Installed pics........ A heads up for anyone installing their first aluminum radiator – you won’t get away resting your hand on it for long - when the engine is up to temp, like you can a painted ...more
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 12:32PM -0500

Sure if my turn comes up let me know and no problem on doing it later
"Paul L. http://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-le" <pjlenn@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 11:22AM -0800

Pretty sure Rich aka LeRoar got an alum. rad he is happy with from Summit
for something like $275.
Paul L.
On Friday, February 26, 2016 at 1:37:47 PM UTC-6, Mark Evans wrote:
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 01:30PM -0600

Yes I did Paul. It was a Summit SUM-381425 for $190 plus the top brackets
SUM-380100 for $15. Then I had to spend about $125 to have a pitcock
installed, the lower neck oriented differently and a ...more
Russel Finch <russel.j.finch@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 02:16PM -0800

Hi Paul ,thanks for the pics ..I will definitely buy it from you! Been looking for a bit. Let me know when your ready to swap it out my contact is( russel.j.finch@ gmail.com)
Thanks ;)
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Suggested Break-In Procedures for New Engines
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 12:04PM -0500

Yes...find an engine dyno and break it in and tune it there. Its tuned and
ready to drop in with no guessing. Plus, if there's any problems, make me
taking care of right there.
Bill M
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Under carpet sound and heat barrier ??
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 07:43PM -0800


KoolMat has a very interesting product, a product I may consider.
Dennis C.
On Friday, March 4, 2016 at 10:44:33 AM UTC-7, Mark Evans wrote:
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 11:38AM -0500

When I bought our Coronet, they had fixed couple of small spots in the
floor and sprayed it with Lizard Skin. It's supposed to be sprayed ~1 mm
thick, but they sprayed it ALOT thinner. ...more
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Norm Brady of Crossram Connection RIP
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 05 08:07AM -0600

Update on the memorial plans:
A Memorial service set for Saturday March 12th from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at
Church and Chapel Funeral Home
380 Bluemound rd.
Waukesha, Wi 53188
In addition we are ...more
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Torque Converter Thoughts
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 09:10PM -0500

I picked up my adjusted converter on Tuesday. It's now a 9.5" that should
be at around 3,000 stall.
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Friday Puzzlers 3-4-2016
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 04 07:30PM -0600

Yup, that makes it a "puzzler" for me. :)
Gary H.
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