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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 17 updates in 4 topics

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Firm Feel
howard cox <gto64gto@xxxxxxxx>: Mar 20 10:06PM -0400

I had my PS box on my 65 Satellite rebuilt by Firm Feel to stage 2 and used their tubular upper control arms. I have been really pleased. I think it might be your tires.
From: "John Knox" ...more
Ron Crossley <rcrossley@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 20 07:41PM -0700

I had a Firm Feel Stage II box on my '64 Sport Fury and liked it but I wanted something stiffer so I went to Stage III on my '63 Sport Fury. World of difference. I've gone back and forth between bias ...more
Doug J <63sprtfury@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 20 10:52PM -0500

Thanks for the info. I wish this thing WOULD drive at least as good as a
new 63. I've never had ANY car drive this bad. I have had more 60's mopars
than I can count and never had this kind of ...more
carverex@xxxxxxx: Mar 21 06:17AM -0700

Hi Doug
I am also a Firm Feel customer. I have used all of their poly bushings,
tubular upper control arms, strut rod bushings, new torsion bars, and a
stage two P/S box. I also asked them for ...more
JimJablonski <groovinjim@xxxxxxx>: Mar 21 06:59AM -0700

Apologies for taking the thread in another direction...
Lyle, I am interested in what Firm Feel came back with regarding alignment
specs and how that compares to stock, if you would be inclined ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 02:08PM

I would like to see their recommendations too. Good article on it here:
From: 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...more
JimJablonski <groovinjim@xxxxxxx>: Mar 21 07:11AM -0700

Good article. Thank for sharing.
On Monday, March 21, 2016 at 10:08:13 AM UTC-4, Plucked Chicken wrote:
carverex@xxxxxxx: Mar 21 07:38AM -0700

The Ehrenberg article I referred to is in the Feb. 2016 issue of Mopar
Action. It is Titled: "Front End Voodoo.
I will try to find the Ross's alignment numbers and post them.
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 11:05AM -0500

The Ehrenberg article has alignment settings for various use, from little old lady to drag race only.
Daily driver is -0.5° camber, +2.5° caster and 1/16 to 1/8" toe-in
Hi-po street is -1.5° ...more
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 12:17PM -0400

The issue if following every dip and groove and your "herding" the car is
the nature of bias play tires. When I got my first car...a 73 Dart sport,
it had bias ply tires on it. ...more
carverex@xxxxxxx: Mar 21 01:07PM -0700

I apologize to those who asked, but I can't find my notes about alignment
settings from Matt Ross. I suspect Doug may be in touch with them and maybe
he will share with all of us.
Doug J <63sprtfury@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 08:01PM -0500

The readers digest version of alignment I have is dialing in up to 2
degrees positive caster,(if possible) as the most important setting for
"straight ahead steering". (most likely my problem), ...more
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1964 Max Wedge Plymouth Savoy
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 11:12AM -0500

I may have mentioned this before...
For those interested in some ultra-fine details of restoration, view the undercarriage photos of a 1964 Max Wedge Plymouth Savoy.
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Flow Kooler water pump
"jhanlon1903 ." <jhanlon1903@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 20 09:59PM -0400

we put lots of time and money into our cars, any play in the water pump,
gone, air flow and water flow; hard to get right sometimes.
JimJablonski <groovinjim@xxxxxxx>: Mar 21 05:21AM -0700

Personally I wouldn't change any more parts until I found the source of the
overheating problem, as suggested by Gary and others. I would instead go
back to what changed and investigate from ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 01:45PM

Hard to beat stock fan plus shroud for air flow. I do have a FlowCooler on my 318 Poly with mild cam, 180 degree Robertshaw thermostat - stock fan, no shroud. 15 BTDC initial / 36 total / all in @ ...more
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Mopars at the Strip
Tom Watters <tomwatters@xxxxxxxxx>: Mar 21 03:37AM -0700

We were there on saturday. Had a great time. Learned lesson from last year, saturday is better if you want to see the cars, sunday watching the racing.
I was able to see Bob Riggle make a few ...more
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