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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 7 updates in 3 topics

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Cast Iron Heads for 426 street wedge
Jim Altemose <jaltemoose@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 28 04:58PM -0400

Hi Butch,
Regarding paint, and I'm going back about 6 years on this, so maybe it's
changed since then, but the Mopar brand
rattle can spray paint from Summit and such for the engine turquoise is ...more
Christopher Kroncke <g2c808@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 28 05:36PM -0700

Aloha My Friends, I would be interested in a set of 426 wedge heads. ...more
tothperformance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 28 08:41PM -0400

Talk to Butch Edison I could send you a set like I sent him are you going to run a cross ram intake?
Bruce Toth
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Carter Carb ID Help
Richard Snow <onemortimeracing@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 27 08:13PM -0600

9755S is NHRA legal replacement for 64 426 Max Wedge (3705 SA) 750 CFM
carb, if anyone is interested.
I currently run a pair on my car.
On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 11:49 AM, Gary Pavlovich ...more
JimJablonski <groovinjim@xxxxxxx>: Apr 28 05:14AM -0700

Good data, Richard. Thank you.
On Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 10:13:05 PM UTC-4, onemortimeracing wrote:
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May 17-21, 2016 Indianapolis auction from Mecum
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Apr 27 09:58PM -0500

Hi all,
Some interesting Mopars are at the May 17-21, 2016 Indianapolis auction from Mecum. See below.
Gary H.
1963 Dodge Polara 500 Max Wedge 426/415 HP, One of ...more
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 27 08:21PM -0700

Great cars Gary!
Thank you for sharing.
Gary P.
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