[GFS] 1957 - 1958 - (1959?) Plymouth Trunk Mats
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[GFS] 1957 - 1958 - (1959?) Plymouth Trunk Mats

Hi All,
Forgot to forward this to the GFS list as well.
I visited with Ed Siciliano last weekend, and picked up a couple of the
first "production" trunk mats.  They look great, and fit fantastically.
Jim Woomer took a couple of pictures side-by-side of his old mat with a
new one.  You can see the pictures at
Answers to the most common questions I have been asked on these:
- They will be available as the molder gets the time, in small batches.
They are a background job for them to keep the costs down.  I'll keep
everyone posted as they come in.  I will probably have advance ordering
set up by the end of the week, and they'll go first-come, first-served
- The price will be under $200.  Profits (if any) are going back in to
getting more stuff made.
- You will be able to pay by check, money order, PayPal, or major credit
- Shipping should run about $25-$30 in the U.S., in a heavy cardboard
tube.  I have no idea what the shipping cost will be outside of the US
- They do -not- have the part number molded on them to avoid any legal
- The only noticable difference I could see between old and new, was
that the new ones have one 'border' section that is about 3/8" wider
than it should be, but it is hardly noticable, especially when in the
- No, the new mat is not "molded" to fit the trunk.  Neither was the
original, actually.  They just look like they were molded because
they've been in that shape for 40 years.  The originals were flat as is
the new one.
- Other trunk mats are under production.  1957 - 1958 Dodge is next in
line, and 57-8-9 DeSoto mats may be after that.  It all depends on how
well the sale of these mats goes.
I hope to get a few more pictures posted shortly, with some closeups.

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