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Re: [FWDLK] Canadian Dashboards

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From: Mike Sealey <mopar2ya@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: July 16, 1998 10:40 AM
Subject: [FWDLK] Canadian Dashboards

>I seem to have inadvertently deleted the message I'm responding to -- my
> apologies.
>The '57-'58 Canadian Plymouth did NOT have a Dodge dashboard.  The '57-'58
> Plymouth-based Canadian Dodges (Mayfair, Regent, Crusader, the various
> Suburbans, and I believe the Plymouth-based Dodges marketed as Kingsways
in the
> rest of the world as well) DID have PLYMOUTH dashboards.
>(This refers only to LHD cars; it wasn't unusual for RHD models to use
> dashboards from only one make, and that was often Dodge, but that
> wasn't made in the earlier reference.)
>Mike Sealey
>Why Push Your Ford When You Could Push Buttons Instead?

i have a58 canadian dodge. the dash is plymoth
but it sais dodge where plymouth sould be
plymouth body dodge grill , mine is a mayfair 2drpost

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