[FWDLK] 1959 Chrysler
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[FWDLK] 1959 Chrysler

I am new to Forward Look located in Gurnee Illinois and am the owner of a ’59 New Yorker 2 door hardtop.  I also have a ’62 Valiant Signet – certainly doesn’t fit the definition of “forward look”.  I am having an issue on the Chrysler with the accessory circuits staying live after the ignition is turned off – heater blower, gauges, wipers, etc. I just rebuilt the engine, replaced the positive battery cable, and did replace the heater cable which necessitated backing out the ignition switch from the dash. I have checked the switch and the connections look good with no fraying, loose connections, nothing touching another terminal, etc.  Is this a bad ignition switch?  Is there something else that could be causing this?  The car did not do this before this most recent work.  Thanks John


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