[FWDLK] '58 Plymouth oil draining problem
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[FWDLK] '58 Plymouth oil draining problem

My '58 Plymouth has a 318 V8. The car sat for ten years and I recently got it up and running. It runs very well but blue smoke was coming out of the tailpipe. I popped off the valve covers and found a ton of sludge and grease. The oil holes especially at the back of the engine were plugged up and oil was collecting at the exhaust valves and being burned out the tailpipe, hence the smoke. I cleaned out both sides, adjusted the valves, shoved coat hangers down all four oil holes, changed the oil and low and behold the blue smoke was gone!! My only problem is that when I am climbing up a steep hill the car begins to smoke again. When I'm back on level ground, the smoke goes away. I can floor it on a straightaway and there is no smoke. I suspect that the rear oil holes are still plugged somewhat and when the car is on a hill the oil works it way down the exhaust valves. My question is this: Is there any wonder solvent that could free up those holes more? I am trying to avoid taking the heads off, or I guess I could avoid hills. I live in San Francisco so that would be a problem trying to avoid hills. thanks much, Nick Nichols


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