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I do not know anything about 1960 or later D500, but I do know earlier ones didn’t just ‘get’ this mystical emblem for nothing. Each such decorated car actually had some kind of a performance engine in it, a genuine Hemi up through 1957. With (at least) one dedicated (D500-only) 4bbl.


Now for the emblem, it’s my believe that the later, the rarer, the more expensive.


Here’s an NOS 1961 that sold recently for $610.01 on eBay:


And here’s an NOS 1957 that’s been for sale for $795,00 on eBay for ages:


I don’t have a 1960 example, but I have seen then occasionally go for close to a $1,000


Jim, The Netherlands

1957 Dodge Lancer D500 x2


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Forward lookers,

Does anyone know a source for the D 500 emblem that goes on the trunk lid of a
1960 D500?




  Very rare and highly sought after.  You could be in for a LONG hunt and an expensive conclusion.  The post-59 emblems were not applied to so many cars, as the performance engine package was expanded dramatically in 1960.  No guru of these, but I believe only the top tier option cars got the emblem, whereas in 59 and earlier, even a single four barrel got it.

  Be aware that there are two variants of this emblem, one for wagons, and the other for all non-wagon models.



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