Re: [FWDLK] Engine running fine...dies...won't re-start
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Re: [FWDLK] Engine running fine...dies...won't re-start

I drove my car, literally, for years before I found out that there was supposed
to be a (ceramic) filter inside the glass fuel filter bowl...

Neil Vedder

Ron Waters wrote:
Garrett -

If you are trying to diagnose this problem, I wouldn't worry about the fuel
filter for now. I've run my 58 Ply without a ceramic filter and it works
fine. If it's broken, then remove it so that small chips don't break off and
get stuck in the carb's needle and seat. In fact, it's possible that this
could be the problem.

If you have old gas in the tank, remove it and flush it out. Do NOT attempt
to remove the drain plug in the bottom of the tank. You will never re-seat
it to the point that it doesn't leak.

While you have the tank off, pull the sending unit and put a new filter on
the pickup tube end. Have you ever done this since you've owned the car ?
It'll prevent you from having similar problems down the road that may result
from crap getting in the line.

How long has it been since the carb was rebuilt ? If that has never been
done and the above doesn't solve the problem, then that should be your next
area of attention.

Don't look for a quick fix. Use the above to solve the problem. Let us know
if you have any questions.


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Anyone know of their local parts store carrying a filter element that will
work as at least a temporary solution to the ceramic element?

Anyone have luck at a tractor supply or the like finding something that

I have an old ceramic filter that appears to have been used, and the one
there was cracked (and broke into two pieces, which may have been my least in part).

The car started this morning in the first turn, I gave it a little gas,
then it restart.  Still wet around the carb.  Otherwise the
has been slow for various (mostly non-car related) reasons.



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