Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses
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Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses


Why in the WORLD would anybody mess with removing the
bumper brackets, from their frame-installations, unless there
is some collision impact damage or defect in the brackets, or the
person is doing some sort of every-nut-and-bolt restoration of a car?


Neil Vedder

OW OW, Pick Me, Pick Me, I gots this one!  :-)

ok, This I learned the hard way, lots of times a bumper jack probably has been used on the beast At least on my white 300-C I KNOW it has. over time the jacking action Up and down, over and over, causes the bumper to change its static position, Slightly higher then it should have been. Metal fatigue and age and corrosion contribute to a slight amount of flexibility in the brackets and or the frame. I really think the bumper mounting method used on that Desoto is a LOT like the hardware on my 300.

Paul Holmgren
Mine: 2 57 300-C's in Indy
Hers: 05 PT GT R/T HO Stage 1
Hoosier Corps L#6


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