Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses
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Re: [FWDLK] Replacing 57 DeSoto Taillight Lenses

LOL----kinda; I know that the bumper jacking instructions are
to lift the car by the bumpers, but, thank Exner, that protocol
was never done to my ride, before I bought him, in 1980.

My car's bumper brackets are one of the FEW items on him
that I have not (had to) adjust or remove (the headliner and
dashboard and windshield and back-glass being about the only other
as-built items still remaining on him).

Loosening/dropping the bumpers, from the brackets, has been a relatively
easy and common occurrence, over the years.

I suppose, if the bumper brackets had ever been removed, so that
their mounting hardware were now 'free', I might consider removing the
bumpers by that method----NAH......upon-further-review, at least for the
1957-58 Dodges (disclaimer)....I can not conceive of incurring the extra-weight
and hassle of messing with the brackets' attachments and alignments to the
frame, as compared to the easy access that the bumper bolts provide, in
attaching  the bumpers to the brackets (again, on/for the DODGES,which is
my only frame of reference).

Your (cars') results may vary, as they say!

Neil Vedder

.On 9/27/2012 9:48 AM, paul wrote:

Why in the WORLD would anybody mess with removing the
bumper brackets, from their frame-installations, unless there
is some collision impact damage or defect in the brackets, or the
person is doing some sort of every-nut-and-bolt restoration of a car?


Neil Vedder

OW OW, Pick Me, Pick Me, I gots this one!  :-)

ok, This I learned the hard way, lots of times a bumper jack probably has been used on the beast At least on my white 300-C I KNOW it has. over time the jacking action Up and down, over and over, causes the bumper to change its static position, Slightly higher then it should have been. Metal fatigue and age and corrosion contribute to a slight amount of flexibility in the brackets and or the frame. I really think the bumper mounting method used on that Desoto is a LOT like the hardware on my 300.


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