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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 12 updates in 3 topics

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Poly Stroker Update
Ray Bell <raybell46@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 05:58AM -0700

First of all... Bert... please note this as I can see you have got some
confusion going with the head gasket thickness...
The spec mentioned as '0.075' was not the gasket thickness, but it was ...more
B M <polara1964@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 02:24PM

Oke, thanks.
In that case the piston will approx rise .023 above the gasket also, that seems to be a problem , or??
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"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 11:12AM -0500

Seems like top much compression until we at least build one…

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"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 11:13AM -0500

Yay!!! Thanks!

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Sent: Saturday, August 08, 2015 7:58 AM
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B M <polara1964@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 06:25PM

do you think the piston will come up against the head??
Van: 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> namens Roland Osborne ...more
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11" x 3" brake backing plates?
Wade's '62 Sport Fury <dwadelawrence@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 07 11:01PM -0700

I'd like to upgrade my '62 Sport Fury to 11" x 3" brakes, but we're having
trouble locating the correct backing plates. I've looked on line to see if
they make after-markets (they make ...more
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 08:56AM -0500

I don't recall any repros. I may have overlooked though. Most of the used 11 inch backing plates I've seen at swap meets are for the 11 x 2 1/2 setup. Also, I read somewhere that the cars with 11 x 3 ...more
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 12:53PM -0400

I ran 11x3 fronts on a 62 I used to own, I took them from an Indiana State Police car I was parting out. I wonder if that was the only use of 11x3 for b bodies. I did change the spindle I believe it ...more
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Welcome new member: 1963 Plymouth Savoy
Doug J <63sprtfury@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 12:42AM -0500

Awesome !! Love the 63's !!
63 Sport Fury ragtop
Jason Rhoades <Jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 06:53AM -0400

Waiting to get into the Nats and talking to joe such
Great guy.
Not me with him
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furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Aug 08 11:18AM

Welcome to the group Jim, your '63 is a real part of 62-65 history.
Nick Tiberio
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From: "Gary H." <62to65mopar@xxxxxxxxxxx> ...more
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Aug 08 09:14AM -0400

We met Jason and his 62 Chrysler he saved area right behind his car for our canopy (it is grass there) and our town and country is tucked further back. Thanks Jason!
Bill Parker
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