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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 6 updates in 6 topics

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1965 Belvedere Wagon Gas Tank ?
chymar01@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 12 10:42PM

Where are you located? I may have an extra one from one of the two wagons I used for parts for my two-door conversion wagon.
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welcome new member - 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 12 02:13PM

Welcome to the group, like the 63's, how about some photos.
Nick Tiberio
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How to remove siezed on Rear Brake Drums
ALIENVOICE@xxxxxxx: Apr 12 03:52AM -0400

Very true. Before I bought my own, I rented one from a local (Ohio) tool
rental place. Pretty cheap, and if you are converting to the later
brake/axle combination, might be the best way to go. ...more
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65 b body fan shroud
Donald Gallimore <dongallimore@xxxxxxx>: Apr 12 01:35AM

If you could find one, a used one with brackets would be $200 or more. $300 for a new repop seems more than reasonable and it's available. Akron Don Gallimore
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FREE 1964 Dodge Dart Parts
Tom Watters <tomwatters@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 11 06:30PM -0700

Thats a nice deal on glass for someone with a 64.
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Poly manifold - carb spacer - ethanol fuel
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 11 06:12PM -0700

Good to hear it is running well. I like the “birdseye” view of your cool ‘62 wagon; did you climb a tree for that shot or take it from the second story?
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