Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Propert
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Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Property

As one who has just gone through this (for the umpteenth time), I can only relate what I did.  In my township (rural/suburban/farm where there are more new "upscale" homes going up almost weekly), the requirement is to have every, repeat every car licensed, and in running condition.  No stipulation on insurance (although you do sign a statement that you will have the required insurance when on the road).  You must have all other "inoperable" cars in an enclosed garage - no bubble capsule, under awning, lean-to, etc. 

When they do their biannual scan of the township, they send out letters with a 10-day period where everything must be put "up to code".  If not, it goes automatically to the lawyers who file giving you 30 days to comply or you are cited at $100 per day, and all legal costs are now on you (unless you are able to win a court case, which around here is not a level playing field).  They do not need a complaint from anyone - the township is the complainant.  I know it is not just me and not just residential, as I have spoken with others in the same situation.  When I asked them what the problem was, they said I had too many cars and it was "unsightly" with so many cars.  There is no ordinance on the number of cars.

I spoke with them, and explained that I have my cars, which I need for work (I work for the state of Ohio,and my job requires me to have personal transportation.  I cover 20 counties), a truck for hauling my trailer and "things", and my convertible.  Wife has her Jeep and a fun car.  Son and daughter both have their cars.  That is seven there to start with.  Then, I have my "project" Mopars.  I made sure all were licensed and all (with the exception of my Challenger and 58 Coronet 2dr HT) were able to be started and moved, even if they were not ready for long trips.  I then took the documentation to the zoning office and showed them what I had done and gave them the "good citizen" speech ("I'm trying to comply").  That seemed to make them happy.  Am I in compliance?  Sort of.  I can pull the Challenger into the garage any time and with a great deal more effort, I could move the '58 into the garage (although not both at the same time).  Long-term solution, which the township echoed, was to build a larger garage (no pole buildings allowed).  I hope to have that this fall.  In addition, I have made an effort to get the other projects in hand by selling some (the '55 Coronet, which I bought primarily for the HEMI, the '57 3/4 ton, son's Duster), and parting some (two '58 Coronet 2dr HTs).  That still leaves me with '57, '58, and '59 Coronets, a '64 Fury convertible, a '74 Charger SE, the Challenger and a '74 D100 which I am going to sell.  In others words, I focused on the projects that are able to be completed.  Was it easy? No.  Was it what I wanted?  No.  At no time were the cars "unsightly" or trashed, or wrecked hulks.  Are the laws correct?  Not in my opinion.  Are the un-American?  Yes, if our actions do not impinge on another's, I believe they are (and I am a retired Army Lieutenant-Colonel who served during Vietnam and Desert Storm, and about as conservative as one can get, so don't even think about going there).

I do feel the pain and understand the frustration.  Anyway, sorry about the long post, but been there, done that. 

LARRY (outside Akron, Ohio in Franklin Township)

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