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Re: [FWDLK] Fuel Pump...

Thanks to all who have replied so far...

I haven't made any progress on this situation yet as last night I began having fuel-pump related issues in my main ride (95 Caprice). There's really nothing significant to report here aside from the irony of the whole situation. Perhaps this is a sign I look for a closer job where I can ride a bike to work.

There are actually a few other similarities between both cars right now as well, but in short neither of them work.

Another question about my Dodge. Since I drained (siphoned) most/all of the old gas out of the tank, but there is still some in the actual fuel line, is there an easy way to drain this (disconnect fuel line from pump and will it drain back into the tank)? I've been meaning to ask.


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Whatever you do, keep track of your oil. If the pump is leaking outside, it may be leaking internally. If so, it's running down into your oil. keep track of your dipstick levels, and smell or use a lighter on the end of the dipstick to see if gas is present. I've seen where a gallon or more ended up in the crankcase.
Ray in Mena

On Aug 29, 2010, at 1:25 AM, Garrett wrote:

Gas still has no trouble making it to the fuel filter bowl. I would have done more investigation, but it was dark outside and working by Mag Lite gets annoying. I'm guessing pump removal is in my future, but before I tear into it figure I should get some advice.

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